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Abiyoyo in the classroom

Kids create drawings and paintings of Abiyoyo

Abiyoyo Returns...

Schools invite Michael to share his artwork.

Abiyoyo became a very popular read aloud book in the classroom.

Michael performs Abiyoyo
Hundreds of schools invited Michael to visit their students, share his experience illustrating Abiyoyo and perform the Abiyoyo story live! "Nothing compares with meeting Abiyoyo fans in person," Michael says, "and performing Abiyoyo and singing the Abiyoyo song with hundreds of students in a big assembly program." Schools held illustration workshops lead by Michael to help kids develop their creatives skills.

Michael answers kids questions about Abiyoyo.
How did you make the art for Abiyoyo? Is Abiyoyo real?

Michael asks a few questions of his own. What do you think Abiyoyo represents? Who does Abiyoyo remind you of? Is he like someone you're scared of? What does Abiyoyo want? What is Abiyoyo, really?

Where did Abiyoyo disappear to?
It's one of the great mysteries of the Abiyoyo story. Maybe the father's magic sent the giant to a far away planet or into dream land or into the past or into the future. Actually, you don't really need magic for some things to disappear. How 'bout all those socks without their pairs? Maybe Abiyoyo goes off to a big pile of single socks!

Teachers help kids create drawings and paintings of Abiyoyo.
"Reimagine the giant in your own way. Turn the giant Abiyoyo into your own original character. Make sure your Abiyoyo is scary. Well, maybe not too scary. It's really up to you!"

Students attending Abiyoyo writing workshops made up new stories inpired by Abiyoyo. Students adapted the story about a kid who is not afraid of a scary giant and retold it in your own way. Some changed the story's characters or where the story takes place. Some set the story in their own home town. "In your story, YOU can be the child who saves the day! Tell us what happens–when you meet Abiyoyo. Make the story all your own. Start making up your story by just drawing a picture."

Abiyoyo by Katie

Abiyoyo by Katie, Mrs. Broman's class, Three Oaks School, Cary, IL 1996

Abiyoyo fan art

Abiyoyo by a student, St. Matthew School, Glendale Heights, IL

Abiyoyo by Jimmy

Abiyoyo by Jimmy, Kaneland McDole Elementary School, Mongomery, IL 2011

Abiyoyo fan art

Abiyoyo by a student in Ms. Smallwood's class, Berkley, CA 2012

Abiyoyo by Alex

Abiyoyo Alex Burks, 2nd grade, John Laidlaw School, Western Springs, IL 1995

Abiyoyo by Annie

Abiyoyo by Annie, Field Park School, Western Springs, IL

Abiyoyo by Maggie

Abiyoyo by Maggie, Ms. Gongaware's class 1995

Classroom stage poductions of Abiyoyo
Teachers organized classroom stage poductions of Abiyoyo. Some were simple, informal group performances. Others became elaborate productions with costumes, stage props and music.

A Kindergarten dramatizes Abiyoyo

Room 1 performs Abiyoyo Returns

These kids all made ukuleles and wands for this class project.

Who made Abiyoyo?
Pete Seeger thinks the giant in his story was created by humans, kind of like Frankentein. "I've been wondering about the origin story of Pete's Abiyoyo character," Michael tells kids. "How did people create this dangerous giant and why? What were they thinking?"

Abiyoyo classroom activies
You can find lots of lesson plans inspired by the Abiyoyo picture book online. Check out these Abiyoyo classroom activity ideas on Pinterest.

Abiyoyo Returns...

Abiyoyo Story Arts