Abiyoyo Story Arts

Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo!

Folks enjoy performing Pete's story.

Abiyoyo in Africa...

In class rooms, on stage, on YouTube

Kids, parents, teachers and professional storytellers have a lot of fun reading, singing and acting out the storysong about the little boy who's no afraid of the scary giant.

Here are a few samples of Abiyoyo performance posted to YouTube:

A toddler performs the Abiyoyo song.

A Dad reads the Abiyoyo picture book.

Tijuana City of Readers - Abiyoyo
The artist and oral storyteller, Bertha Denton and the reading advocate, Aleida Villa, share their stories with the audience of the program Tijuana City of Readers at the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture through the Tijuana TV channel.

Choir performance of Abiyoyo Hey, T'Hola, T'hola
Countryside Senior Choir, Wendell Glick, Conductor
Performed at Faith Mennonite High School, March 16, 2013

Percussionist Cory Hills performs Abiyoyo.

Abiyoyo in Africa...

Abiyoyo Story Arts